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Watercool Heatkiller V Pro for RTX 4090 Founder's Edition Acrylic Ni-Bl ARGB GPU Waterblock

Watercool Heatkiller V Pro for RTX 4090 Founder's Edition Acrylic Ni-Bl ARGB GPU Waterblock

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The new HEATKILLER V PRO graphics card cooler for Nvidia's RTX 4090 Founders Edition has been especially designed to cope with the high power dissipation of 450 Watts and more. Not only has the cooling geometry been completely overhauled, but Watercool have also integrated some of theirexisting technologies, such as the proven dual-layer inflow. The result in the form of the HEATKILLER V PRO series is impressive both visually and in terms of performance.

Key features of the HK V PRO series:

  • High Performance base Plate
  • Selected high performance thermal pads on GDDR6X RAM
  • Dual layer inflow
  • Symmetrical cooling design
  • Design-integrated connection threads in the terminal
  • Screwless design
  • Insulating spacers made of high performance plastic (Peek)
  • Plug-in system for aRGB strips
  • CNC cut thermal pads

Modular high-performance base plate with 60 x 0,25mm fins

To increase the cooling performance in the area of the GPU core, Watercool have integrated a modular high-performance base plate into the heat sink. Due to the fine fins and the resulting increase in the cooling surface, the cooling performance is significantly higher compared to a monolithic design.  We chose the fin structure in such a way that the flow rate is kept high in addition to the performance increase at the GPU core. All distances to heat-relevant components were kept tight, which means that the heat of the thermal problem zones such as GDDR6X Ram and voltage converter will be dissipated ideally. The PEEK spacers made of the high-performance plastic isolate the cooler optimally from the PCB and simplify the assembly. Thermal Grizzly's legendary Kryonaut thermal compound ensures the best possible heat transfer.

Dual Layer Inflow and Symmetrical Cooling Design

The dual-layer airflow and the symmetrical cooling design can also be found in the PRO variant of the HEATKILLER V GPU cooler. The increased inflow is especially important for the high-performance base plate. The division of the water on two levels ensures a better flow through the cooler. The wide and symmetrically designed flow paths optimize the flow and thus the general performance of the HEATKILLER V Pro cooler.

Selected high performance thermal pads for GDDR6X

The Watercool development department has invested a lot of time to find the ideal thermal pads for the hot GDDR6X RAMs. In the process, Watercool found a thermal pad that significantly lowers temperatures around GDDR6X RAM compared to the very good standard pads.

Design-integrated lateral connection threads

Another innovation is the connection threads integrated into the side of the terminal. This together with the screwless fairing and the backplate included in the package results in a cooler that looks like a single unit. To achieve the best possible appearance, the HK V PRO was designed so that no electronic components of the board are visible.

Backplate and aRGB in one package 

The new cooler design relies on an assembly including a black backplate. In this case, the backplate ensures an improved distribution of forces around the cooling block. In addition to an impressive look, this also results in better temperatures.

The aRGB strips used now rely on a modular design and a compact plug-in system. Due to the high compatibility of LEDs, the Heatkiller can be integrated into any lighting concept. However, the plug-in system also allows the cooler to be used without any Illumination.

Made in Germany

The production takes place with the greatest care using Watercool's state-of-the-art CNC machinery in Waren an der Müritz. Many work steps are carried out by hand and each product is brought to perfection according to the four-eyes principle. Made in Germany as you would expect it to be.

Technical specs:
Material coldplate: nickel-plated electrolytic copper
Material top: PLEXIGLAS® GS
Material cover: black anodized aluminu
Material port terminal: Acetal (POM)
Measurements: (LxWxH): 246 x 134 (incl. Terminal) x 33mm (incl. black Backplate)
Ports: 4x G ¼ Zoll (DIN ISO 228-1)
Allowed up to 1 bar

Compatible with:
NVIDIA RTX 4090 Founders Edition

Scope of Delivery:
1 x HEATKILLER® V PRO Backplate
1 x Mounting material
1 x Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut


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