4080 Super Waterblocks?

4080 Super Waterblocks?

With the new Nvidia Geforce RTX 4080 Super out now, it does become a headache trying to figure out if a waterblock is compatible or not.

From what we've gathered so far:

EK waterblocks for the 4080 non-super are also compatible with the 4080 Super

Alphacool has also confirmed 4080 Super compatibility with their existing range of 4080 non-super waterblocks.

Watercool Heatkiller waterblocks are also compatible with both the 4080 Super and non-super 

So it's pretty safe to say that the new cards utilise the existing PCB designs. Which makes sense, since designing a new PCB takes time, money and labour, Thankfully, this also helps to simplify our range as well, so there's no mixing up blocks.


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