Q: Is this a dropshipping operation?
A: Nope. We're based in Western Sydney, with everything you can add into the cart, in stock at our warehouse, ready to go. We work directly with our suppliers and bulk buy to bring you the best possible prices. With shipping costing up to $40/kg from places like Germany, we're able to spread the costs on bulk so you don't have to deal with long wait times or import taxes and duties.

Q: What is PC water cooling?
A: PC water cooling is a system that uses water to cool the components of a computer, including the CPU and graphics card. It is an alternative to traditional air cooling and can provide improved performance and quieter operation.

Q: Why should I choose water cooling over air cooling?
A: Water cooling can offer better cooling performance, quieter operation, and more efficient heat dissipation than air cooling. It can also be more aesthetically pleasing, with the ability to use colored coolant and lighting to create a custom look for your PC.

Q: What about AIOs?
A: Whilst AIOs can be simpler to install, they are limited in their flexibility and cooling capabilities. Custom loops allow for improved performance with stronger pumps and copper radiators. What's more is that when upgrading a system, you only have to swap out a waterblock rather than an entire AIO system.

Q: What components do I need for a water cooling system?
A: At a minimum, you will need a water block for your CPU or graphics card, a radiator to dissipate the heat, a pump to move the water through the system, tubing to connect everything together, and coolant to fill the system. Depending on your setup, you may also need additional components like a reservoir or fans.

Q: Can I install a water cooling system myself, or do I need professional help?
A: Installing a water cooling system can be a complex process and requires some technical knowledge. However, many PC enthusiasts choose to install their own water cooling systems with the help of online guides and tutorials. If you're not comfortable doing it yourself, you can also reach out to us at support@ocgear.com.au to assist you in your build.

Q: What coolant should I use in my water cooling system?
A: There are a variety of coolants available for water cooling systems, including premixed solutions and concentrated dyes that can be mixed with distilled water. It's important to choose a coolant that is compatible with your system and won't cause any damage or buildup over time.

Our coolant is formulated with anti-corrosives and anti-microbial agents to reduce the amount of maintenance required for your loop. We offer these in a clear colour as well for easier monitoring of your loop.

Q: Is there any warranty with OC Gear orders?
A: All sales come with 1 year warranty from the date of invoicing. Some manufacturers offer extended back to manufacturer warranty:

Alphacool: Minimum of 3 years, 5 years for fans, pumps and 10 years for radiators and waterblocks that do not contain acrylic

Aquacomputer: 24 months

Freezemod: 12 months

Watercool: 24 months


Q: How often do I need to maintain my water cooling system?
A: Regular maintenance is important to keep your water cooling system running smoothly. We recommend at least once a year but this can be extended with the right components, tubing and coolant. Quarterly checks are generally enough to monitor any issues that may arise.

Q: Why don't you offer fans in your basic water cooling kits?
A: We understand that many enthusiasts have collected parts over time and may want to reuse their own fans. What's more is that we recognise that brands like Noctua and Phanteks produce fantastic performing fans which we use ourselves in our systems. Therefore, we opt not to add low quality fans which will likely be replaced in the long run. We do offer a variety of high quality fans that we believe offer the best value to our customers.

Q: Can you help me choose the right components for my water cooling system?
A: Absolutely! Our team of experts can help you choose the right components for your setup, based on your budget, performance goals, and aesthetic preferences. Just reach out to us at support@ocgear.com.au and we'll be happy to assist you.

Q: I've noticed that prices have fluctuated on your website. What's happening?!?
A: As a small business, we are sensitive to currency fluctuations and freight charges. When we started out, our suppliers graciously subsidised our freight costs heavily to see help us find out the uptake in the local market. However, it's only fair that we support our suppliers so that we can continue to bring in some of the best water cooling components for your rig.

Q: What are your delivery methods?
A: With a fixed rate on shipping, we offer shipping via Auspost . If you require signature on delivery, please leave a note in the cart message so we can adjust this in.

Express shipping will be sent via Auspost express.

For international orders, we offer shipping around the Asia Pacific region. Please note that shipping internationally can be quite expensive and if rates seem unreasonable, please contact us so we can work out a solution to get you what you need.

Q: Can I get something sent in a padded envelope?
A: We may be able to do so with certain small items, such as cables, but we may deny doing so with certain other items. Letters that are processed through Auspost usually go through high speed rollers in their sorting facilities. Any large or rigid items could potentially damaged both the product and their machines which is why we prefer to send products via parcel post.

We'll try to keep postage as low as possible, so if any postage costs seem unreasonable based on our calculator, please contact us.

Q: How long will my order take to ship?
A: All fully paid orders will be shipped the next business day. Orders that are consignment from our suppliers will be shipped directly from them and may take an additional day or two to be dispatched.

Q: I'm after some specific watercooling equipment, are you able to fulfil custom orders?
A: If it's in stock at our suppliers then absolutely! Please let us know your requirements and we'll return to you with a quote.