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OCGear NoBS Watercooling Coolant - 1 Litre - Clear

OCGear NoBS Watercooling Coolant - 1 Litre - Clear

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Coolant with No Bad Stuff in it.

Our coolant has been designed with anti microbials for extended maintenance intervals. We've also formulated this with anti-corrosives to protect your nickel, copper and brass components.

Compatible with various tubing types, including EPDM, PVC and PETG. 

Generally, a loop with one radiator, water block and a small reservoir will need approximately 4-500mls.

A setup with two 360mm radiators and two water blocks will take about 900mls.

Contains: propanediol (anti freeze and growth inhibitor), pH balancer, benzotriazole (anti corrosive), benzalkonium chloride (anti microbial) and distilled water.


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  • Is this like EKWB’s Clear but actually pale yellow? I really want clear as water coolant.

    Hi David,

    I haven't actually seen EKWB's clear coolant, but the NoBS coolant is pretty crystal clear. None of the ingredients have any discolouration effects.

    Kind Regards,