Alphacool Core 1 CPU Block

Alphacool's next generation Core 1 CPU Water Blocks

We've recently received Alphacool's latest offerings; the Core 1 CPU water block. What's new in this design is a 3D printed jetplate in combination with a larger coldplate. This combination makes it ideal for the latest generation CPUs which have ever larger heatspreaders.

Alphacool Core 1 Cpu Water block Ordinary Cooling Gear


Holding these in your hand, you can feel the weight and how solid it all is; this would make a fantastic addition to any setup. The Core 1 also makes advancements in mounting setups, require few screws to make installation a breeze.

Alphacool Core 1 Cpu Water block Ordinary Cooling Gear


The Core 1 is now available in store, in black, silver, white and aurora silver which features a smooth but subtle RGB strip.

Alphacool Core 1 CPU Water block Ordinary Cooling Gear

Check out the reivews at Enostech and


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