Computex 2024 - Watercooled Edition - Alphacool

Computex 2024 - Watercooled Edition - Alphacool

We're back from Taipei and we're excited for what's coming up in the future of computing. Brushing aside the hype around AI in the show, we're focusing on the watercooling side, along with some other bits of neat tech.

We'll be breaking down a few of the difference booths over the next few days.

First up is Alphacool. It's great to meet with one of our suppliers in person and we're working on some new strategies to bring their products in a lower rates.

Their Apex waterblocks are due for release this year as they're doing some final tweaks. These blocks have seperate SKUs for AMD and Intel platforms, ideally optimised for each of the CPUs hotspot locations

From the very scientific graph below, you can see that it'll outperform the highly rate Core 1 cooler.

They've also introduced some new mini-DDC pumps which give up to 3 metres of head pressure. Not bad for a unit this small. The smaller design is also meant to produce less noise and consume less power too.

The pumps are designed to be powerful enough to handle a CPU block, a GPU block and three radiators. These have also been developed in conjunction with Xylem, so you know they'll be super reliable. These are expected to be released Q3 2024.

There's even a dual top for these miniature pumps, making it ideal for SFF systems connected up to MO-RA3s. Do note that the pump on the right side is the Pro version which has built in RGBs in it.

Their new line of radiators feature increase fin density for better heat transfer, more chambers for improved flow and interchangeable sides for a stealthy or flashy RGB look.

The server side of cooling is also a pretty big topic at the show. Alphacool nonethless is able to cater to these requirements and Ordinary Cooling will also become an outlet for these speciality solutions.

Finally, their Supernovas are getting an enclosure; complete with reservoir, pump, 4x200mm fans, dust filters and LCD display readouts. This all in one unit is a great package for those that want to add some serious cooling power to their rig without having to rework an existing loop to a large extent.


Alphacool was also showing off their Apex Skeleton case. Due for release soon, this monster features real carbon fibre to reduce weight but also improve structural stiffness. This is a great step in the the direction of lighter weight computers, especially given how heavy each component has been getting these days.

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