Computex 24 - Coolermaster

Computex 24 - Coolermaster

Coolermaster is dipping their toes in the water by bringing out some prototype watercooling equipment.

Their Mythril range focuses in custom watercooling equpiment designed to give an edge; a literal one with their square tubing!

Picking up some of these parts, they certainly have a heft to them, which gave an impression of super solid build quality. I'd estimate the 240mm rad below to weigh about 4kg.

The fins are so dense, barely any light pass through it at all. Speaking with Bruce Kao, the General Manager for the Case BU division, he mentioned that they did need to reduce the density a bit due to diminishing returns in cooling performance.


Coolermaster is also coming out with a new pump design, the same type which are used in Tesla motor vehicles. So if it'll last in a car for years, it should hold up in a PC system for just as long, if not longer.

Another idea they're prototyping is their leak detection system. As below, the red staining indicates if a leak is present. This special tape is designed to be activated when it comes in contact with water.

Coolermaster also has a range of fittings, each feeling quite chunky and heavy. You may be wondering, being square, how do you line them up so that everything isn't misasligned? Well these fittings feature extra thick O-rings to give extra tolerance when screwing these in.

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