Customer Review: Quick Disconnect Connectors and Flow rate

Customer Review: Quick Disconnect Connectors and Flow rate

This is one from our customer who was kind enough to run some test with a few various quick disconnects.

Quick disconnects allow for easy disconnections within the loop. Ideal for thsoe that are benchmarking various components or want the ease of taking parts out easily with upgrading or maintaining their rig. In our tester's case, he wanted a quick release system for his radiator unit in an SFF system. Due to the restrictive space, a quick release meant he could easily pull out a 360mm rad to access the internals.

heatkiller tube res with quick disconnect d5 test

The test setup as above includes the following:

Thermaltake Flow meter

Watercool Heatkiller Tube 150 with XSPC D5 PWM pump at 100% speed

1 x EK 90 degree fitting

1 metre of PVC tubing

2 x soft tube compression fittings

As the flow meter may not have been calibrated, this test is purely for comparison only. Mingyang wanted to observe the effects of a quick disconnect on flow rate in a loop.

First up, as a control the loop was run without any QDCs. This yielded about 636l/hr

heatkiller tube res with quick disconnect d5 test

Next up is the Alphacool Eiszapfen quick release connector. Note that this is no the HF version which indicates "High Flow". This one drops flow rate by almost half, down to 336l/hr. This connector uses a pull system, so disconnection is quick and easy when you need to pull apart your loop at any moment.

Alphacool Eiszapfen quick release connector


Testing with the Alphacool HF Quick Release Connector kit increases this to 384l/hr. This kit features a plastic construction which helps to drive cost down without compromising on performance. These connectors also utilise a screw lock system, which may take a bit longer to take disconnect, but will also ensure a super secure connection.

Alphacool HF quick release connector


And finally, the Koolance QD3 which has the lowest flow restriction at 480l/hr. Like the Eiszapfen, these use a pull lock system, making disconnection almost instantaneous.

Koolance QD3 quick disconnect release connector

Tabulating the results

Product Measured flow rate (litres/hour)
No Quick Disconnect 636
Alphacool Eiszapfen quick release connector kit 336
Alphacool HF Quick Release Connector kit G1/4 384
Koolance QD3 Quick Disconnect No-Spill Coupling 482


The Koolance performed the best out of the tested quick disconnects here. But bear in mind that these do cost considerably more than the Alphacool units at $45 for each coupling. As you'll need a male and female coupling, this adds up to $90 for a kit.

With that said, the Alphacool HF Quick release connector kits in plastic are only $18 for an entire set, making them fantastic value for those wanting to add a quick release system in their loop without breaking the bank. 


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