Singularity Computers Plasma Waterblock Review

Customer Review: Singularity Computers Plasma Waterblock

Singularity Computers has recently come out with the new Plasma Waterblock. It's a pretty simple design which screws directly into the socket mounting holes rather than the standard heatsink mounts. The result of this is universal compatibility with both AMD and Intel. And it also means less packaging thanks to it's tiny form factor!

 In the package, you'll find a set of mounts for both AMD and Intel, and with both stock IHS and de-lidded mounts. There's also a spare silicone gasket for longetivity. The block features ARGB and UV lighting built into the front PCB.


For those worried about maintenance, two screws hold the acrylic plate to the coldplate, making it super easy to take apart and clean when you're running your service intervals.

For our little article here, one of our customers has graciously run a little review for us and has run it in a monster of a system.

Singularity Computers Plasma Waterblock

Initial setup specs 

  • Intel I9 14900KF
  • ASUS Strix z790-I gaming
  • DDR5 48gb G-skill 7200mhz

Overclock settings 5.8GHz, 45 E-cores, 50 Ring @1.395v LLC8

The first benchmark was a test in CPU-Z. PL1 and PL2 were limited at 240W to test the temperature reduction when after delidding. Liquid metal was also used for both tests.

CPU Setup Avg Max temp. (°C)
Stock IHS 78.33
Delidded 66.54


An approximate 12 degree drop is quite significant for a CPU of this calibre. With the Australian Summer coming up, this could also easily put you on the safe side of thermal throttling. Gaming loads also typically saw about 55 degrees max which is also impressive.

As an added bonus, the reduced temperatures could provide the is the overclocking headroom to perform beyond a 14900KS. Once PL1 and PL2 voltage limits were removed, a Cinebench R23 benchmark yielded a score of 43422 points with temperatures sitting in the low to mid 80 degrees.

Singularity Computers Plasma Waterblock Review

With limited direct die waterblock options on the market, this block makes for fantastic value for those that are looking to get the most out of their CPU. The Plasma Waterblocks are now available from Singularity Computers or here on our very own site.

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