Direct Die cooling the 14900KS by Der8auer

Direct Die cooling the 14900KS by Der8auer

Intel's latest and most insane offering, the i9 14900KS is now hitting the streets and pummelling power supplies, with power draws of over 500W, with power limits removed.

Der8auer has now tested a 14900KS with his hopefully soon to be released Thermal Grizzly Mycro Direct Die for Intel CPUs. Whilst the Core 1 is able to tame the power hungry CPU, running at about 88 degrees Celsius on load in his tests, direct die cooling is able to reduce this by approximate 13 degrees C, which is quite impressive.

The current generation of Intel CPUs will safely thermal throttle when they hit 100 degrees C, or 115 degrees C for the 14900KS, so as to not melt it into an expensive lump of silicon. The downside is during throttling, this results in a reduction of performance. So without proper cooling, you won't be able to get the most out of your investment.

What's interesting to note is that once the CPU has been delidded, you can use some thermal paste as a polishing compound to further clean the surface of the die. Improving the surface cleanliness and contact with between the die and the coldplate can improve heat transfer to further improve performance.

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