Gelid HeatPhase Ultra - the last thermal pad you'll need?

Gelid HeatPhase Ultra - the last thermal pad you'll need?

Gelid has been around for quite a while now and have been the go to solution for thermal pads and paste for many enthusiasts.

Gelid has now come out with the new HeatPhase Ultra thermal pads for AMD and Intel CPUs. The thermal pads are a phase change material (PCM). This allows the thermal pad to offer high performance, super long durability without drying out or crumbling and, best of all, does not exhibit thermal pump out.

For those who are new to the scene, thermal pump out is when the heatsink or coldplate expands and contracts over time due to thermal cycles. Eventually, this movement causes the thermal paste to be "pumped" out away from the core. As a result, thermal performance drops over time and some thermal pastes exhibit this phenomenon more than others.

credit: Electrolube
PCMs are designed to prevent any thermal pump out and are commonly used in laptops or server systems due to their simple application and low need for maintenance.
These are now available in pre-cut AMD and Intel sizes. We brought these on as they're ideal for hard tube loops where maintenance can be difficult when pulling it apart to gain access to the CPU. These sheets can also be cut to size when using them on a GPU core as well.
Combined with Go Chiller's Ultimate coolant you could potentially run a a watercooling system for 5 years without any servicing!
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