Introducing the Ultimate Coolant!

Introducing the Ultimate Coolant!

Go Chiller has just announced their Astro Ultimate Coolant; a premixed water based coolant, formulated to last at least five years in a watercooling loop. Yes, you read right, five years!


Go Chiller Ultimate Premix Coolant long life

 Go Chiller Astro Ultimate is a premixed water-based computer coolant which uses a premium inhibitor formulation to protect computer cooling systems such as radiators, pumps, and water blocks, and ensure efficient thermal performance when properly maintained. 

The inhibitor formulation meets ASTM D1384 corrosion standards preventing foams, rust, corrosion, cavitation, scaling, oxidation and degradation of the cooling system for at least five years. It is also not harmful to rubber seals or hoses.

Go Chiller Ultimate Premix Coolant


Now available in store. We've also got a buy one Go Chiller product, get another Go Chiller product at half price deal for our Black Friday/Cyber Monday specials too!

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