Watercool Heatkiller IV water blocks now available! Ordinary Cooling Gear

Watercool Heatkiller IV water blocks now available!

We're excited to offer Watercool Heatkiller IV water blocks now!

But first, a bit about Watercool GmbH. Based in the picturesque town of Waren, Germany, Watercool was established in 1999 as a specialist in water cooling components. Since then, they've been constantly striving for innovation, developing liquid cooling solutions not only for PC enthusiasts but in industrial settings from automotive to pharmaceutical and more.


Their latest Heatkiller IV designs feature larger port distances so you can fit some of the chunkiest fittings on these blocks. The modular design on these blocks also help to future proof these investments. With conversion kits allow you can change these waterblocks between AMD and Intel sockets of old and new. This is a fantastic consideration for e-waste reduction and allows you to use what you need, rather than purchasing an entirely new waterblock or AIO for that matter.

And now one the blocks. These are fully made in Germany and boy can you see the craftmanship in these. You'll probably have a Gollum moment when you unbox one of these just to admire how "precious" these look.

Heatkiller IV Pro Pure Copper for Intel
Even the mounting brackets are milled from solid stainless steel, giving a super secure mount, whilst ensuring optimal pressure against the IHS.
Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU water blocks
If you were to liken these to watches, these are like the A. Lange & Söhne of water cooling blocks. These blocks are precision milled from solid blocks of copper and are finished with a fine layer of lacquer on aesthetic surfaces to retain that lustre. 
Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU water blocks
These also come in a variety of colours and types, from nickel plated copper to clear acrylic tops.
Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU water blocks
Watercool Heatkiller IV CPU water blocks
They also come in Basic and Pro versions. The difference between the two is the amount of fins in the micro channels; the basic version has 49 channels whilst the pro version has 78 channels. Whilst the Pro version offers increased surface area for heat conductivity, the basic version allows for higher flow due to lower resistance.
That said, the performance between all the blocks are outstanding and if you still can't decide, just pick the one that looks best to you.
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