Aqua Computer now in stock!

Aqua Computer now in stock!

We've had a lot of demand from customers that have been wanting Aqua Computer products. Now their legendary coolant, the super functional OCTO controller and D5 Next pumps are in stock here in Sydney.


Not all coolants are made equal... but some are made more equaller. Ok that probably came out weird, but the Double Protect Ultra is well reknown for being the coolant of choice for many watercooling builders. Minimal electrical conductivity, an anti corrosive formulation designed for use even in mixed metal systems and active ingredients that reduce bubble formation to maximise heat transfer from your those toasty waterblocks into the coolant itself.


Aqua Computer Double Protect DP Ultra Coolant


The OCTO fan controller is a highly versatile controller system to handle the most demanding of RGB and Fan combinations. Each PWM channel can handle 25 Watts alone, so you could probably toss in a few Delta fans if you don't need your hearing. The unit also comes with an integrated RGb controller for up to 180 LEDs, flow sensor inputs and temperature monitoring. In combination with the Aquasuite software, this is an extremely powerful device for tuning the exact settings to your design in your rig.


Aqua Computer OCTO Fan controller | Ordinary Cooling Gear


The D5 Next Pump is based on the reliable Laing D5 pump. What sets this part apart from all the others on the market is the detachable controller unit with an OLED display. This unit includes temperature, flow and coolant quality monitoring. You can also connect a fan hub and control up to 25 Watts of fans from the controller itself, making it an innovative solution for cable management. Oh and it has RGB which will probably give your system another ten FPS boost of course.

Aqua Computer D5 Next Pump
Aqua Computer D5 Next Pump with Heatkiller Tube Reservoir Ordinary Cooling Gear

And it also looks fabulous with the Watercool Heatkiller Tube Reservoir.

We'll be expanding the range further with more Aqua Computer products in the coming weeks and we're super excited to do some more photography on these parts as they look absolutely awesome in person.


If you have any questions or are after a specific knick-knack, give us a shout and we'll look after you!


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