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Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra 1l Coolant - Clear

Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra 1l Coolant - Clear

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DP Ultra has been formulated and thoroughly tested for optimum cooling performance and corrosion inhibition. It is produced in Germany from high-quality, absolutely pure components.

DP Ultra has been specifically designed for the requirements of PC water cooling systems, which often often include a multitude of materials including copper and aluminum. Electric conductivity has been reduced to a minimum. The active ingredients also reduce bubble formation in the cooling fluid and optimize the heat transfer between water block surfaces and fluid, making it ideal for use in water cooling systems.

DP Ultra is a clear and virtually odor free water based solution and ready for use. We recommend an annual exchange of the coolant.

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  • Hi, Is Aquacomputer Double Protect Ultra a thicker viscosity than other coolants? If so, is it likely to reduce the RPM and life of my pump (EK D5)? Kind regards.

    The Double Protect Ultra has a glycol content between 20-35% according to their material safety data sheet. This shouldn't affect your D5 pump as Aquacomputer has also tuned their coolant to work with any D5 pump, including their own Aquacomputer D5 NEXT which has a built in digital flow meter. Double Protect Ultra is also touted as one of the best coolants worldwide amongst many users.

    Virtually all D5 pumps are also made by Xylem (or by their subsidiaries Laing and Lowara), so the EK D5 is the same OEM pump as the Aquacomputer D5 NEXT.

    If the glycol content is still a concern, we also offer GoChiller coolants which do not contain glycol and are fully water based.