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Alphacool Eisblock Aurora RX 7900XTX Red Devil with Backplate GPU Waterblock

Alphacool Eisblock Aurora RX 7900XTX Red Devil with Backplate GPU Waterblock

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    Alphacool introduces the latest generation of the Eisblock Aurora water cooler for Radeon RX 7XXX graphics cards. The water cooler has been optimized to efficiently dissipate the enormous heat generated by this generation of graphics cards. The fin structure has been adjusted, and the nozzle plate has been modified to enable better water flow and optimal distribution of water on the cooling fins.

    Technical Highlights
    The fin thickness of this Eisblock cooler generation is 0.4mm, as is the spacing between the cooling fins. The nozzle plate features a reworked inlay that distributes water pressure more effectively across the fins and optimizes heat absorption. The adapted water inflow ensures better water flow angle.

    Chrome-plated Copper
    The cooler base is entirely made of chrome-plated copper, which is more resistant to acids, scratches, and damage than nickel plating. Chrome-plated coolers have only been used in the industrial sector to handle extreme influences on coolers. Additionally, the chrome plating looks more uniform and provides a shine that cannot be achieved with nickel plating.

    The Aurora design of the Radeon RX 7XXX Eisblock generation has a calmer and a more plain appearance. The cooler is surrounded by a single O-ring, and the construction around the cooling fins and jet plate provides a clearer look. The digital addressable RGB LED lighting is distributed even better in the cooler thanks to the chrome plating. The terminal conforms to the classic Aurora design.

    Thermal Paste and Pads
    The package includes Alphacool's Subzero thermal paste, which is among the best performing thermal pastes available on the market. Additionally, Alphacool Soft Pads with a thickness of 1mm are used for the voltage regulators and graphics memory. The pads for the back of the PCB are 3mm thick, and their thermal conductivity is 7 W/mK and 3 W/mK, respectively. The electrically non-conductive thermal grease is particularly well-suited for high contact pressures and can still be processed perfectly due to its viscosity of 850,000 TF.


    - PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil, 24GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (RX 7900 XTX 24G-E/OC)
    - PowerColor Radeon RX 7900 XTX Red Devil Limited Edition, 24GB GDDR6, HDMI, 3x DP (RX 7900 XTX 24G-E/OC/LIMITED)


    Technical data cooler
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 285,50 x 144,50 x 34,20mm
    Material cooler chrome-plated copper
    Material cooler top acrylic
    Threads 4 x G1/4"
    Thickness cooling fins 0,4mm
    Distance cooling fins 0,4mm
    Illumination digital aRGB LEDs
    Power connector digital aRGB LEDs 3-Pin JST
    Power digital aRGB LEDs 5V
    Number of digital aRGB LEDs 15
    Color transparent


    Technical data backplate
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 285,50 x 120,00 x 6mm
    Material aluminium
    Color black



    Note on application
    Please use only in conjunction with clear transparent water cooling fluids. The particles and additives in Pastel liquids can clog and permanently damage water cooling products such as radiators, pumps, coolers and hoses. This can result in voiding the manufacturer's warranty as well.

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