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Singularity Computers

Singularity Computers Spectre 4 Aevum Limited Edition Water-cooling Case

Singularity Computers Spectre 4 Aevum Limited Edition Water-cooling Case

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The Aevum edition is limited to 100 pieces worldwide!

Spectre 4 is the ultimate extreme water-cooling case with more water-cooling features than any case on the market. It continues the famous Singularity Computers water-cooling integration via a distribution plate which makes up the rear wall of the case. It has the patented Singularity Computers PowerBoard which removes the need for cable management while integrating many features.

Please note that this item will be shipped directly from the local supplier. This case is limited to 100 units and comes with the integrated front reservoir and LCD screen on the PSU shroud.

Spectre 4 introduces a new distribution plate design with two thicker layers and countersunk fasteners which enhances durability, quality, and aesthetics. The design for the 6061 CNC machined frame is completely new with greatly improved strength and updated aesthetics.

The PowerBoard comes with a vast range of new features including improved lighting, temperature-based RPM control, separate PWM zones, dedicated PWM pump headers, PSU jump start for running the pumps, pump power headers, temperature sensor inputs and more.

Spectre 4 fits x2 360mm or 420mm radiators, it has a 140mm fan mount behind the motherboard to cool the rear of the CPU socket, two 2.5” drive mounts integrated on the PowerBoard (one is also compatible with 3.5” drives) and a touch activated power button. It also comes with dust filters on all fan positions.


Features new to Spectre 4:
New frame design with greatly improved strength and updated aesthetics.
New Graphite anodizing color.
420mm or 360 radiators x2.
100mm thickness for radiators and fans.
Much larger PSU shroud for long PSUs and cables.
PSU shroud covers the pump and improves cable management.
New distribution plate design with two 10mm layers and countersunk bolts.
140mm fan to cool the rear of the CPU socket.
Dust filters on all fan positions.
Full glowing top and front panel layers.
Multi layered top and front panels.
Multi zone PWM hubs.
Temperature based RPM control.
RPM curve adjustment.
Dedicated pump RPM and power headers.
Temperature sensor inputs.
12pin header for addon devices.
Improved ARGB and UV lighting.
Standby lighting.
Integrated PowerBoard 2.5” mount plus a 2.5”/3.5” mount.
PSU jump-start for powering pumps only.
Temperature sensor port.
Internal drain port.
Protective covers for feet.

Specifications & Included items:
Water-cooling Integration:
Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, Parts of water-cooling loop. Front distribution plate.
Ports: x8 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Fill Port. 2x Drain Ports.
Pump: (Not included): Compatible with all D5 pumps.
Electronics Integration:
Connectors: 24pin x1. PCIE 8pin x4. 12VHPWR x2. 8pin EPS x4. PCIE 6pin Supplementary x1. (Equal inputs and outputs must be used).
Hubs: PWM Fan Hubs x2 each with x1 input and x3 outputs. With coolant temperature-based RPM control or motherboard control Pump inputs and outputs x2. Each fan hub and pump output have coolant temperature-based RPM control or can be switched to motherboard RPM control. The built-in RPM control on the PowerBoard is independent of the motherboard and no software is needed.
Dedicated PWM header for 140mm fan which can be mounted behind the motherboard (controlled by PWM fan hub 1).
PWM Control: 4x potentiometers to set the minimum PWM speed.
ARGB: x13 with one input.
Temperature sensor inputs: x2 for up to two loops. Compatible any water-cooling brand plug temperature sensor or inline sensor if it is a 10K NTC thermistor.
LEDs: x28 Integrated ARGB 90-degree LEDs and x28 UV 90-degree LEDs around the external perimeter of the PowerBoard. There are dip switches to turn the ARGB and UV LEDs on or off separately and stand-by UV lighting can be disabled.
Power and Reset Buttons.
PowerBoard direct mount 1 x 2.5” and 1 x 2.5”/3.5” SATA 3.0 6Gb/s accessible from the back of the distribution plate.
4pin ATX header to power up to two pumps with custom cables from the PowerBoard.
12pin header for future controller addon.
PSU jump-start switch to run the pump/s without booting so that you can run only the pump for filling the loop.
 1920×480 60Hz IPS.
Cables: PowerBoard Linking Cables Standard Set: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x2. 8pin PCIE x3 or 12VHPWR (select above). 18AWG Black Headshrinkless Sleeve.
PWM Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1.
ARGB Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1.
Touch Power Button Cables: Power, Reset, Black 20cm. PowerBoard to Horten Touch Module 60cm Black.
Screen cables: Black 1m Mini HDMI to HDMI, USB-A to USB Micro-B.
LED Strips: ARGB 5V 50cm x6 (pre-installed).
Motherboard Form Factor: XL-ATX (Up to: 290mm Wide & 350mm High).
E-ATX, ATX, M-ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX.
Expansion Slots: x8.
Case Form Factor: Full Tower Water-cooling Case.
Package Dimensions: L: 640mm W: 620mm H: 110mm (Case is flat packed).
Package Weight: 22.5kg.
Case Dimensions: L: 560mm W: 245mm H: 610mm.
Case Weight: 19kg.
Storage: x4 x2.5” x2 are on top of the PSU shroud and cannot be used when the GPUs are vertically mounted. x2 are on the rear side of the PowerBoard, x1 is optional 2.5” or 3.5”.
Radiators: 420mm/360mm X2 with 100mm of thickness for radiators and fans.
Maximum GPU Length: 445mm with 60mm front radiator and 25mm fans.
Maximum GPU Height: 170mm in standard orientation, unlimited in vertical orientation.
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 170mm.
Maximum PSU Length: 240mm with a large amount of space for cables.
Front Panel I/O: No Front I/O.
Power Button: Touch Activated
Vertical GPU Mount: Vertical GPU mounting brackets with PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable. 2nd Vertical GPU Mount is available separately.
Materials: 6061 Aluminum Anodized. Cast Acrylic. Stainless Steel. PCB.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, CNC Router, PCB.
Assembly: Distribution Plate Assembled by Hand. The case is flat packed, and the metal components need to be assembled by the customer.
Testing/Validation: All Distribution Plates are factory pressure tested and precise fastener tension is applied.


Experience Singularity:
We create the products we want in our builds based on our 20 years of experience building high end computers. All our designs begin with function, versatility is vital to increase the possibilities so that you can create the build you want to, something unique. Our products are premium, we do not hold back on quality to save cost. All our products use the most high-end available materials and manufacturing processes. Our vision is to continue to introduce unique and exciting ideas, to inspire and lead the industry.

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