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Singularity Computers

Singularity Computers Wraith 3.0 Silver ITX Case

Singularity Computers Wraith 3.0 Silver ITX Case

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Wraith 3.0 is a compact case capable of housing a high-end water cooled system. It fits ITX and DTX motherboards, SFX-L PSUs, the largest GPUs, and 2x 240mm 30mm thick radiators. The case is specifically designed for water-cooling with a distribution plate which integrates a reservoir, D5 pump top, D5 pump cover, fill and drain ports, and parts of the cooling loop. It also has a Singularity Computers PowerBoard which integrates the 24pin, EPS, PWM & ARGB hubs, and it has integrated ARGB LEDs which light up the distribution plate.

The following cables are included with the product: 24pin x1, 8pin EPS x1.

This item will be shipped directly from the supplier.

Specifications & Included Items:
Integrated Reservoir, Pump Top, Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, Parts of water-cooling loop. Ports: x6 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Fill Port. 1x Drain Port.
Pump: (Not included): Compatible with all D5 pumps.
Integrated Connections: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x1. Hubs: PWM: x4. ARGB: x8. PowerBoard 2.5” SATA 3.0 6Gb/s Direct Mount x3.
LEDs: x26 Integrated ARGB 90-degree LEDs.
Extra Power and Reset Buttons. PowerBoard LED on/off switch.
Cables: PowerBoard Linking Cables: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x2. 18AWG Black Headshrinkless Sleeve. PWM Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1. ARGB Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1.
LED Strips: 30cm ARGB LED Strip with 50cm cable x1.
Stop Fittings: G1/4″ with hex. Brass, Black Powder coated, Laser Etched x2.
Motherboard Form Factor:Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX.
Case Dimensions: 407mm x 407mm x 170mm.
Package Dimensions: 450mm x 500mm x 120mm.
Case Weight: 7kg.
Case Packaged Weight: 8kg.
Expansion Slots: x3.
Storage: 2.5″ x9, 3.5” x1.
PSU Compatibility: SFX, SFX-L (Maximum length available).
Radiator Top: 240mm x30mm.
Radiator Front: 240mm x30mm.
Maximum GPU Length: 300mm.
Maximum GPU Thickness: 3 slots.
Maximum GPU Width: Maximum length available.
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 130mm
Front Panel I/O: Vandal Switch 16mm.
Vertical GPU Mount: Included Singularity Computers PCIE 4.0 Bracket and PCIE 4.0 Riser Cable.
Materials: 6061 Anodized Aluminum, Cast Acrylic, Stainless Steel.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Router, CNC Mill, CNC Lathe.

Integrated Reservoir, D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Cover, Fill Port, Drain Port, parts of the cooling loop.
With the pump, reservoir, fill and drain ports and half of the water-cooling loop integrated there is less assembly to be done. Also, less fittings and tube are needed.
A large portion of the case cost is due to the integration; these are components you do not have to purchase for your build. The pump top, pump cover, reservoir, less fittings, and tube.
With the integration we did not just develop a case, we also developed all the integrated components. This meant that we could focus more on optimisation than would normally be possible. The integrated loop routes in Wraith allow for more flow than 16mm tubes. The pump top was designed for the D5 pump, maximising flow to and from the distribution plate. The reservoir was designed to remove air as quickly as possible making the loop easier to fill. The fill port is at the highest point on the back for the case and the drain point at the lowest point.
Despite its compact size Wraith 3.0 is designed to fit a high-end liquid cooled build. It can fit the largest high-end GPUs and the largest SFX-L PSUs. For the water-cooling system it can fit 2x 240mm radiators 30mm thick with a single set of fans and the D5 pump.
The radiator mounting panels have a large range of adjustment to help with port alignment to the distribution plate.
Wraith 3.0 has 4x 2.5” drive positions and 1x 3.5”.

This is a consignment item which will be shipped directly from Singularity Computers

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