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Singularity Computers

Singularity Computers Spectre 3.0 Enterprise EATX/ATX Case Black

Singularity Computers Spectre 3.0 Enterprise EATX/ATX Case Black

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Spectre 3.0 Enterprise is designed for SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB motherboards with a specially designed Distribution Plate and PowerBoard to allow for these form factors. It can fit up to five 360mm radiators, the two internal radiators can be up to 60mm thick and the three external radiators have no thickness limitation. It can also fit a MO-RA3 360 externally. It has a Dual D5 Pump top for two D5 pumps in a single loop. The PowerBoard has been designed for high power output and has capacitors for increased power stability. The case is over engineered for maximum reliability. The case frame is built from CNC machined 6061 billet aluminum. The Distribution Plates are built from CNC machined cast acrylic and uses gaskets instead of O-Rings and dense fastener spacing to handle higher pressure. The case can be used just with the internal two 360mm radiators or the radiators can be scaled up with the addition of the external radiator/s. It comes included with a 1920×480 60Hz IPS screen which is mounted on the side of the PSU Shroud.

Note: Spectre 3.0 Enterprise does not have PowerBoard Linking Cables included because SSI-EEB and SSI-CEB form factors have a large variety of connector locations. To order cables please contact us and let us know which motherboard you will use and we can order some custom cables for you. If you are using ATX or EATX motherboards you can also order standard PowerBoard Linking Cables.

This product is also shipped from a separate warehouse so deliveries may come in separate packages if ordering other items.

Specifications & Included Items:
Integrated Reservoir, Dual D5 Pump Top, Pump Cover x2, Fill Port, Drain Port, Parts of water-cooling loop. Ports: x6 G1/4” BSPP. 1x Fill Port. 1x Drain Port.
Pumps: (Not included): Compatible with all D5 pumps.
Pump Covers: Protium 3.0 Black x2.
Connections: 24pin x1. 8pin EPS x4. 6pin Supplementary x2. 12VHPWR x2.
Hubs: PWM: x6. ARGB: x9.
LEDs: x20 Integrated ARGB 90-degree LEDs and x15 UV 90-degree LEDs facing around the internal and external perimeter of the PowerBoard. There are two switches on the PowerBoard one switches the ARGB on or off and the other switches the UV on or off.
Touch sensing Power Button. Extra Power and Reset Buttons.
Screen: 1920×480 60Hz IPS (Cables are included).
PowerBoard LED on/off switch.
Cables: PWM Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1. ARGB Female to Female 50cm Black Sleeved x1. Touch Power Button Cables: Power, Reset, LED +/- Black 20cm. Screen cables: Mini HDMI to HDMI Black 1m (Signal). USB-A to USB Micro-B 0.9m (Power).
LED Strips: x3 50cm ARGB LED Strips with 50cm cables.
Accessories: Hex Keys: M3: x1. M4: x1. M6: x1. Stop Fittings: x2. 5v ARGB LED Strip 50cm: x2.
Motherboard Form Factor: SSI EEB, SSI CEB, XL-ATX, EATX, ATX, Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX.
Expansion Slots: x8.
Case Form Factor: Mid Tower.
Package Dimensions: L: 640mm W: 620mm H: 110mm (Case is flat packed and requires partial assembly).
Package Weight: 20kg.
Case Dimensions: L: 545mm H: 595mm W: 254mm.
Case Weight: 18kg.
Storage: 6x 2.5”. x2 are on top of the PSU shroud and cannot be used when the GPUs are vertically mounted. x4 are inside of the PSU Shroud.
Radiators: 360mm x5, x2 internally and x3 mounted externally to the rear panel. Internal radiators are limited to 60mm thick with a single set of 25mm fans or push/pull fans with 40mm radiators. External radiators have no thickness limitation and push/pull can be used. The case is also compatible with the MO-RA3 360.
Maximum GPU Length: 500mm.
Maximum GPU Height: 170mm in standard orientation. Unlimited in vertical orientation.
Maximum CPU Cooler Height: 170mm.
Maximum PSU Length: 220mm (Space allowed for cables inside of PSU shroud).
Front Panel I/O: No Front I/O. Vandal Switch 16mm white LED.
Vertical GPU Mount: x2 with 3 slot (60mm) spacing. x1 is included. 2nd Vertical GPU Mount available separately.
Materials: 6061 Aluminum Anodized. Cast Acrylic. Stainless Steel. PCB.
Manufacturing Process: CNC Mill, CNC Lathe, CNC Router, PCB.
Assembly: Distribution Plate Assembled by Hand. Metal Components need to be assembled and attached to the distribution plate by the customer.
Testing/Validation: All Distribution Plates are factory pressure tested and precise fastener tension is applied.|

Integrated Reservoir, Dual D5 Pump Top, D5 Pump Covers x2, Fill Port, Drain Port, parts of the cooling loop.

The PowerBoard is a PCB integrating 24pin, EPS, PWM and ARGB Hubs, SATA and Power and Reset Buttons. The Spectre 3.0 Enterprise PowerBoard also has an integrated touch sensing Power Button. The PowerBoard has x15 ARGB LEDs positioned around the external and internal perimeter to optimally light up the distribution plate. Essentially the PowerBoard is a distribution plate for cables also integrating other features and functions. It is a new method for cables allowing standardisation of cable lengths and making cable management no longer necessary.
With the pump top, reservoir, fill and drain ports, half of the water-cooling loop, the core component cables, PWM and ARGB hubs all integrated there is less assembly to be done. Also, less fittings and tubes are needed. No cable management for the core component cables thanks to
A large portion of the case cost is due to the integration. These are components you do not have to purchase for your build. The pump top, reservoir, cables, hubs, less fittings, less tube, no cable combs, or cable management components.
Each port and connector were positioned based on an average of a vast range of components.
SC didn’t just develop a case, we also developed all the integrated components. This meant that we could focus more on optimisation than would normally be possible. The integrated loop routes in Spectre 3.0 Enterprise allow for more flow than 16mm tubes. The pump top was designed for D5 pumps maximising flow to and from the distribution plate. The reservoir was designed to remove air as quickly as possible making the loop easier to fill. The fill port is at the highest point on the back for the case and the drain point at the lowest point.
Spectre 3.0 Enterprise fits up to SSI-EEB motherboards and has 8 expansion slots. It is designed to fit the largest and most high-end GPUs, with up to x8 single slot GPUs. For the water-cooling system it can fit 5x 360mm radiators with unlimited thickness and push/pull fans on x3 radiators and 60mm thick with a single set of fans on the other two. The case is also compatible with the MO-RA3 360. The PowerBoard has been designed for extremely high-power output and includes capacitors for power stability.
The radiator mounting panels have a large range of adjustment to help with port alignment to the distribution plate.
Spectre 3.0 Enterprise has 6x 2.5” Drive positions. Two are on the top of the PSU shroud, four inside of the PSU shroud and there is one integrated on the PowerBoard. The two on top of the PSU shroud cannot be used with vertically mounted GPUs.

Design & Engineering:
Singularity Computers have been building high end water-cooled systems for over 15 years. Their approach to product development begins with a need for their own builds and so the origin is always function. From there SC starts to build ideas around this function and the aesthetics and everything else follows. The original ideas for their products came from years of building highly customized, high end water-cooled systems and trying to reduce the exceptionally long build times and complexity. SC's approach to development is hands on, using and testing their own products every day.

Manufacturing & Quality:
Almost all components of Spectre 3.0 Enterprise are CNC machined from a solid block of material. There is no hidden or back side, and this also goes for the components being installed. Due to this SC selected the most high-end materials manufacturing process. The Distribution Plate is machined on a CNC router built from thick sheets of cast acrylic. It is hand assembled with silicone gaskets and stainless-steel fasteners, and pressure tested. The metal components are machined with extreme precision from solid blocks of 6061 aluminum on a CNC mill then sand blasted and anodized.



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