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Tygon AFL00038 (A-60-G) Norprene Tubing 19.1/12.7mm (1/2"ID) - Black - 3 metre

Tygon AFL00038 (A-60-G) Norprene Tubing 19.1/12.7mm (1/2"ID) - Black - 3 metre

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Tygon introduces a different type of tubing for your water cooling system!

Norprene, not Neoprene, is a very special material. The most common materials used for tubing in PC water cooling systems are PVC or PUR, but Norprene as a commonly used material in industrial applications offers some extraordinary possibilities. This tubing is designed to withstand the harshest of conditions for very long periods of time, offering a truly exceptional lifespan even under UV and heat exposure for many years.

Thanks to these chemical properties this tubing is perfect for projects which are designed for a long lifespan, such as routing tubing to external rads throughout the house or even the outdoors.

Installation inside of the PC enclosure is also possible with this tubing. Tight radiuses and an elegant tubing management was, up until now, only possible with angled connectors and adaptors. This special tubing can be heat-fused: With a bit of training it is now possible to create any shape for perfect tubing management.

Tygon A-60-G is considered the bee's knees for watercooling tubing, so if you want the absolute best, this is the one to get.

Technical specifications:
Material: Norprene
Colour: Black, not UV-reactive
Outer diameter: 19.1mm
Inner diameter: 12.7mm
Operating temperature range: -60°C to 135°C

Conforms with RoHS

Extent of delivery:
3 metres of Tygon R6016 Norprene tubing 19.1/12.7mm (1/2"ID) - black

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