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Watercool Heatkiller V Pro for RTX 4080, 4080 Super Asus Strix/TUF Acrylic Ni-Bl ARGB GPU Waterblock

Watercool Heatkiller V Pro for RTX 4080, 4080 Super Asus Strix/TUF Acrylic Ni-Bl ARGB GPU Waterblock

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Compatible with the 4080 non-super and 4080 Super!

The HEATKILLER V graphics card cooler series is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to equip their graphics card with powerful and stylish cooling. This water cooler is specially developed for the ASUS RTX 4080 STRIX and TUF series and offers optimal cooling performance for the GPU, voltage converter and RAM.

Important key points of the HK V series:

  • High performance base plate
  • Selected high-performance thermal pads for GDDR6X RAM
  • Dual layer inflow
  • Symmetrical cooling design
  • Design-integrated connection threads in the terminal
  • Screwless design
  • Insulating spacers made of high-performance plastic (Peek)
  • Plug-in system for aRGB stripes
  • CNC cut thermal pads

High-performance cooling structure

In order to keep the temperatures in the GPU core area low, we have greatly optimized the cooling structure around the graphics chip. The 48 x 0.3mm fins used ensure high cooling performance with a consistently high flow. A flow-optimized acrylic nozzle plate ensures ideal coolant distribution.
The distances to all heat-relevant components were kept close, which means that the heat from thermal problem areas such as the GDDR6X Ram and voltage converter is successfully dissipated.

The PEEK spacers made from high-performance plastic ideally isolate the cooler from the circuit board and make installation easier. The legendary Kryonaut thermal paste from Thermal Grizzly ensures the best possible heat transfer.

Dual layer inflow and symmetrical cooling design

The dual-layer inflow, like the symmetrical cooling design, can also be found in the coolers for NVIDIA's RTX 4080 graphics cards. The increased inflow is particularly important for the finely slotted cooling unit. Splitting the water into two levels ensures significantly better flow through the cooler. The wide and symmetrically designed channels increase the flow and thus the general performance of the HEATKILLER V cooler.

Selected high-performance thermal pads for GDDR6X

Our development department has invested a lot of time finding the ideal thermal pads for the hot GDDR6X RAMs. We selected a thermal pad that significantly reduces the temperatures around the GDDR6X RAM compared to the very good standard pads.

Design-integrated connection module

The side-mounted connection module has been completely incorporated into the design of the cooling block. With the terminal, the connecting threads also move to the side of the HEATKILLER. This compact design allows the heat sink to be installed in almost any housing.
The HEATKILLER encloses the entire graphics card like a tailor-made suit. Packaged like this, the water-cooled RTX 4080 FE becomes a visual highlight in the computer.

Backplate and aRGB in the package

The new cooler design relies on assembly including a backplate. In our case, the black backplate ensures improved distribution of forces around the cooling block. In addition to an impressive look, you also get better temperatures. The aRGB stripes used now rely on a modular structure and a compact plug-in system. Thanks to the high compatibility of our LEDs, the Heatkiller can be integrated into any lighting concept. The plug-in system also allows you to easily use the cooler without lighting.

Made in Germany

The production is carried out with the greatest care on our ultra-modern CNC machine park in Waren an der Müritz. Many work steps are carried out by hand and each product is brought to perfection according to the four-eye principle. Made in Germany as you would imagine.

Technical data:
Base plate material: nickel-plated electrolytic copper
Cover material: PLEXIGLAS® GS
Cover material: anodized aluminum
Material connection terminal: Acetal 
Dimensions: (LxWxH):
Connection: 4x G ¼ inch (DIN ISO 228-1)
Approved up to 1 bar


Scope of delivery:
1 x HEATKILLER® V backplate black
1 x dual slot bracket
1 x mounting material
1 x Thermal Grizzly Kryonaut thermal paste

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