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Xylem Lowara D5 Vario Pump Unit

Xylem Lowara D5 Vario Pump Unit

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Spherical motor principle invented by former Laing

The D5-VARIO direct current pump works according to the spherical motor principle invented by Laing. The only moving part is a spherically shaped, permanent magnetic rotor/impeller unit, which is supported on a wear-resistant, ultra-hard ceramic bearing ball.

A conventional shaft bearing with bearing bushes is not available in this case. Due to the design, the creation of bearing play and thus an increase in operating noise is not possible. The pump remains quiet and quiet throughout its entire running time.

The self-adjusting bearing is lubricated and cooled directly by the pumped medium (wet rotor pump). Separate maintenance is not necessary. All parts in contact with media are absolutely corrosion-resistant.
Due to the ball motor principle, blocking the pump is usually not possible. The pump starts safely even after a long period of standstill. The permanent magnet motor technology ensures a very high efficiency of the pump.

Speed ​​controller integrated into the stator

The speed of the pump can be adjusted continuously over a wide range using a speed controller built into the stator. This can be used to set a desired hydraulic power, but also to limit the electrical power consumption. The pump always starts with the same torque, regardless of the set speed, so that reliable starting is guaranteed even at the lowest power level.

The pump is delivered without attachments. A suitable pump cover (e.g. HEATKILLER® D5-TOP) is required for operation. This is available separately. The electrical connection is made via a 4-pin Molex socket. For speed monitoring, the pump supplies a tachometer signal via a 3-pin Molex connector.

Technical data
Dimensions (LxWxH): 65x65x57mm
Design: Electronically commutated spherical motor
Materials: Stainless steel 1.4571, PPS-GF40, EPDM O-rings, aluminum oxide, hard carbon
Nominal voltage: 12V DC Power
consumption: max. 35W
Permissible voltage range: 8-24V DC
delivery head at 12V : 3.7m
Maximum flow: 1500l/h
Pump medium: water, water-glycol mixtures
Max. system temperature: 60°C
System pressure: max. 1.5 bar
Power connection: 4-pin Molex
Tacho signal: yes (via 3-pin MOlex)
PWM: no

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